Lydia Gifford

Something Rotten! 2023

Debuted at Toby’s in Rocky (Adrian). Other Toby’s credits: The SpongeBob Musical (Swing), Ghost (Ensemble), and It’s a Wonderful Life (Elsie). Recent credits: Natural (The 4208 Group), West Side Story (MC SDT). CUA: Urinetown (Josephine/dance captain) and The Threepenny Opera (Jenny U.S./on-stage percussion). CUA MT ’21. Much love to all her family, friends and mentors.

It’s A Wonderful Life 2022


Recently debuted at Toby’s as Adrian in Rocky, as well as The Spongebob Musical (swing) and Ghost (ensemble/Molly U/S). Recent credits: Natural (The 4208 Group), West Side Story (MC SDT). CUA: Urinetown (Josephine/dance captain), Threepenny Opera (Jenny U.S./on-stage percussion). CUA MT ’21. Orlando native. Much love to all her family, friends, and mentors.